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  • A good prospective on your forever.  Here is a video for Windows Media Player that can help give you a good outlook on what a lot of life is all about.  A good friend of mine produced this.
    (Please use MS-Internet Explorer 6 or better with Media Player 9 or better on this link.)
  • Want to know about Jesus?  Here is an interactive web site that can help!
  • Are You a Christian?  Are You "Sure" You're A Christian - Reality Check!  Better safe than forever sorry!
  • Want to know how I found Jesus to be my best Friend, Savior and Lord?  Click HERE!
  • An Invitation to learn more about God's Word to man - the Bible.  Please click HERE!

  • Missions and Organizations We Endorse and / or Support
    - Bibles & Literature in French - BLF USA - reaching the French speaking world for Christ.  BLF is an international organization that creates and prints French language materials that shares Christ world wide to all peoples that speak French.  I fully endorse this organization and their work.  BLF also partners with other organizations to share Christ with one of the most spiritually backwards countries in the civilized world - France.
          - Click HERE to sign up for their weekly Prayer and Praise E-News Letter we serve with.
    - BSF International - Bible Study Fellowship
    - Point Of Grace Church - Where we fellowship

  • Stuff to think about
    - (Today's) - Our Daily Bread

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  • More to come !!!!    :-)

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